January 7, 2018


Here's what people are saying about BLACK BLUEBIRDS!

".....this is a great song and it’s a fresh breath of air in the world of music" - ACT / ONE MAGAZINE

"This experimental sound is so unconventional yet it grabs you and demands your attention" - SKOPE MAGAZINE

"Black Bluebirds is working towards a truly dynamic sound and I’m admittedly fascinated" -  MI2N

"Gripping is how you can depict it best" - NATALIEZWORLD

“Love Kills Slowly” shows off the undeniably impressive range of the Black Bluebirds, creating a careening world that deserves to be blasted at the highest possible volumes" - BEACHSLOTH

"An amalgamation of sounds and influences ranging from ’80s rock to the harder aesthetics of metal to the infectious appeal of delicious sounding synthesizers topped with a healthy dose of pop appeal, Love Kills Slowly rocks hard and with refreshing style" - MTM.com

"Grating guitars and synth washes, pounding bass lines and thunderous back beats all swirl in the mix and the vocals bruise and brood, and the result is a grinding grooving alliance of musical blood brothers" - DANCING ABOUT ARCHITECTURE

"The whole thing is a nice eclectic mix of synthpop, indie rock and (glam?) metal, performed by some real professional musicians that know what they doing" - STEPKID.com

"I can honestly say I wasn’t prepared for the blast of power the band delivered on this song, especially when you consider the deeply rooted message they were hoping to achieve" - THE RATINGS GAME

"Just about any one who has loved and lost can find strong relation to this single. And that's what making timeless music is all about" - MYFUNK

"After a simple listen, not only will you be hooked, but it won't be hard to see why" - SUPERSTARCENTRAL

"...the song erupts into life with plenty of character and a fairly surprising level of melody......" - STEREOSTICKMAN

"Their sound is engaging and direct, yet thought-proving and experimental in nature" - BANDCAMP DIARIES

"In a smorgasbord of delightful instrumentation, consisting of distorted guitars, synthesizers, and drunken-washed acoustics, this group has produced a cleverly sinister seat for themselves at the music world’s table" - WARLOCK ASYLUM INTERNATIONAL NEWS

"Blurring the lines between pop and rock isn’t always a successful formula that leads to cross-genre appeal, but this reviewer truly believes that any fan of music will find something in “Love Kills Slowly” that will appeal to them" - NUMBER ONE MUSIC